What is the plaintext message?​

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The following message was encrypted using a Caesar cipher with a key of 2:

fghgpf vjg ecuvng

What is the plaintext message?​

  • defend the region
  • invade the castle
  • defend the castle
  • invade the region
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    The Caesar cipher was a simple substitution cipher. In this example, if the key is 2, the letter d was moved two spaces to the right, resulting in an encoded message that used the letter f in place of the letter d . The letter g would be the substitute for the letter e , and so on. So, the resulting plaintext is f= d , g= e , h= f , g= e , p= n , f= d , v= t , j= h , g= e , e= c , c= a , u= s , v= t , n= l , g= e .​

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